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02-02-07, 08:01 PM
I installed an upgrade to Vista Home Premium on one of my PCs yesterday. It's an Athlon X2 4200+ system with 2GB of RAM and a 7950GT. Vista is a lot prettier than Windows XP, but it is still a work in progress when it comes to games. Most of my games and benchmarks work a lot worse in Vista than in Windows XP. My 3DMark scores are also way down as is performance in Tomb Raider Legend which I still play. Also, most of the Nvidia demos like Timbury and Mad Mod Mike are a lot slower. Even Aquamark 3d runs less than half as fast as it did. I am so glad the install failed on my main computer (see below). I know I'll have to upgrade it when DX10 games come out, but I'm very willing to wait until then.

Bottom line: If you're a gamer, you may want to wait a bit before upgrading to Windows Vista.

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Thanks for this....insitefull piece of information....

02-02-07, 08:40 PM
If you use your PC for Windows and some gaming, I'd say go ahead. However, gaming enthusiasts might want to take a pass since most of their games, demos and benchmarks will take a noticeable performance hit. If you have a 7600/7900 GT level card, your fan will run all of the time as well. Vista uses 3D in Windows.

Eventually, new drivers will be released and games will run better. Until then, relax and enjoy XP.

02-02-07, 08:43 PM
Yeah, the situation is still pretty dire right now...

I've found that in general my fps is considerably lower than XP with 100.59, no 5.1 on majority of games unless you have X-Fi.. and an issue that is perhaps the worst of all... in Source games especially the fps will just randomly drop 30fps sharply for a split second (say from 50fps to 20fps) extremely often. I have a pretty good idea this is caused the the lack of hardware sound in games that arent OpenAL. Who knows though... it could just be Vista and some memory management issues. This problem does, however, make the performance seem lower than what it actually is. There's just a general level of jittering and stuttering that goes beyond performance issues... it feels like Vista is having a very very hard time running games. I dont exactly have a slouch of a system either.

Not to mention the Nvidia CP still has a long long list of issues... I would honestly still call it barebones. Many of the 3D options just simply dont apply in games... Vsync, Triple Buffering, etc.

In CSS/HL2, if there is no AA set ingame, if any AA is forced in the CP then the game will refuse to load and just have black screen, no menu. If any AA is set ingame though... its a bug where the performance goes down to almost nothing.

Heck.. even Nvidias own logo in the CP has lighting issues... its all black. It's been like that since 88.61.. and they STILL havent fixed that haha.

I'm upgrading to 8800 in a few days... but I feel using Vista will still be a pain in the ass right now. Plus I'll lose Digital Vibrance, the one thing that works well now. Oh wait.. it doesnt apply on startup :rolleyes:

I bought Vista Home Premium Upgrade on launch day in the hope I may be able to use it as Main OS without dual booting, but I'll be going back to dual boot with XP as the main OS until this is all sorted out. Hopefully by March.

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we all knew this. look for this thread to disappear, seems some people here dont like any anti-vista comments and have been removing posts.

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I enjoyed Vista so far... its pretty cool. But I set my computer up as duel boot with XP Pro for a reason. The lack of GPU overclocking and fan speed control in Vista is not acceptale for me at the moment and I only boot into Vista to check it out and nothing more. As things improve I will migrate over as more and more drivers come out and other programs are patched. I did the same with with XP and 98SE back in the day.

02-02-07, 09:05 PM
Yeah Vista is quite nice as an OS.. I really have few complaints about the OS itself. It is stable too... I havent had any BSOD or anything of that nature. It's just the Gaming situation of the OS is unacceptable to us enthusiasts at the moment. XP was similar at launch, but the difference now is that MS has promoted gaming so much for Vista and Nvidia are bragging about how great their Vista experience is... whereas it is just simply not the case right now.

02-02-07, 10:24 PM
Amen brotha!

It's quite amazing to me that an operating system so highly touted for HD video and games has no freaking 5.1 surround, no EAX support, and crappy sound on my highly capable Audigy 2 ZS sound card. Not to mention the Vista NOT Ready Nvidia drivers. I rarely got my full 100fps at times on CS:1.6 which is like 9 years old. Vista literally turned my $2500 machine into a massive turd. It's pretty sad.

I wiped my whole XP system with high hopes for Vista. I'm now posting this message from my freshly reinstalled Windows XP. What a bummer.

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:sighs: x2

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Not another one. Closed.