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02-03-07, 01:53 AM
Is anyone else using Readyboost? I have it enabled on a 1GB sd card that I don't use anymore. I've noticed that it seemed to help with the loading times in COH, especially when I kept opening it back up.

Question for everyone, when you install something, does it seem to take longer to install than in xp? I'm not using a RAID array, so I'm sure that contributes to the problem, but the whole time I was installing COD2 my SD card was being accessed. (It's in a sandisk card reader, so the light will flash when in use.) I'm think that it is caching everything to the card, then installing it to the drive. Given the max xfer on the card is probably under 20MBs, I think it might be slowing down the pc in this respect.

I popped open the new resource monitor, and here is what it was showing. The response time of the mem card was really high compared to everything else, and it has a lot of transfer per min. Btw, this thing is a really awesome addition. You can really see what is going on when your computer is acting weird.