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02-03-07, 10:33 PM

02-03-07, 10:36 PM
I hope I can tunnel through walls. I remember playing through the original Red Faction quite a few times to do just that.

02-03-07, 10:40 PM
I always LOL'd @ Red Faction. You could tunnel through rock with explosives, but those same explosives couldn't damage office and lab equipment.

02-03-07, 10:42 PM
First one was great and I hope this one is much like that one... the second one was meh.

02-03-07, 11:23 PM
This game should make a pretty good use with the geometry shaders ;)

02-04-07, 12:11 AM
This game should make a pretty good use with the geometry shaders ;)

Hmmm... possible, but remember it will likely be a console port so probably no DX10 features:headexplode:

02-04-07, 12:35 AM
I never actually had red faction but the demo let you do some really sweet stuff with tunneling. I remember the one hidden cavern full of water that you could find if you exploded a few walls.

I think I might have to pick that game up after all these years. It probably looks like ass now though. :p

02-04-07, 12:58 AM
Red Faction 1 was really awesome, albeit short, but still really awesome, the music, the graphics, the weapons, everything. Red Faction 2 was a major disappointment, it had crappier graphics than 1 ffs.

02-04-07, 05:17 AM
I hope they bring back the singing guards and scientists.

"Up town girl!"

02-04-07, 01:59 PM
I remember 'Geo Mod'. Great idea but the implementation was abysmal.

In the single player game they use red X's to mark spots with deformable terrain, totally ruining any positive gameplay elements gained from the technology which formed the basis of their marketing/hype.

Multiplayer was pretty fun, the fully destructable office was awesome.