View Full Version : Samsung DVD-RW Drive is not reading discs?

02-04-07, 08:29 PM
Hey, i just built my very first computer, and installed 2 optical drives. a Sony DVD-ROM, and a samsung dvd/cd-rw drive. My system only sees the sony drive and not the samsung one. I go to device manager and i only see the Sony DVD-ROM displayed under the cd-rom section.

the Samsung drive i bought is this one from newegg.


The drive itself opens and closes, and the status led blinks when i put a CD in, but when i tried to burn any music onto it, it would not burn it, and it also does not read any type of CD i put in it. I have tried switching the primary/slave cables between the 2 drives, and also tried brand new Thermaltake Rounded cables that i bought as a spare, with the same problem.

Did the drive come dead or is it a problem that can be solved?

02-04-07, 08:45 PM
Make sure you have the Master/Slave Jumper set correctly on the drives. One needs to be Master and the other needs to be Slave. Or set them both to Cable Select if you're using the High Density IDE Cable (80 Pin Cable).

02-04-07, 08:58 PM
Wait what? lol. sorry for my newbieness. Its my very first build and not sure what anything is.

02-04-07, 09:09 PM
IDE Cable is the ribbon you use to connect from your cd rom to your motherboard. There are two kinds, 40 and 80 pin. They are both 40 pin, but with 80 the wires are doubled up.

On the back of both cd roms, there will be a jumper. And markings indicating which is master/slave/cable select. Could say that or abbreviated to m/s/cs or some other form. Make sure the primary drive is set to master, and the secondary is set to slave.

In this image it is set to slave:
Move the jumper to the right it will be master, to the left it will be cable select.

Cable select means just that, the cable selects which to use as what.

02-04-07, 09:10 PM
Ohh, so its like a plastic cover covering it just like the jumper on the mobo?

EDIT: Yay, it works. =D thanks for the help guys. Hehe. Im suprised out of all the parts i ordered at once from newegg, nothing is DOA. Thanks =)