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02-05-07, 09:12 PM
After reading the Nvnews msi sli 8800gtx review I decided to try and play Dark Messaih for the first time. I saw that they were getting good performance with max settings 4xAA/8xAF with MSAA at 2560x1600. So I copied those settings. the game started off fine, it was smooth enough. Then I had to load a save game after completing the tutorial as I pressed a button and missed a cutscene. To my horror the bit I had just dones was now crawling at a snail pace. I thought maybe it's just this bit, but it continued in to the next level ie the cyclops and village level. I switched of my PC and rebooted.

Upon switching on Dark Messaih on again I try the same Cyclops/village level and the performance was great again. I basically started the game again as I thought maybe loading a save game is what causes problems. Anyway I dies and reloaded and the performance was okay it didn't go like before. So I thought everything is great and will stay like that. WRONG. Just after killing the cyclops with the crossbow thing, and going downstairs and just after the loading point, the game fps seriously dipped again , and I mean by a huge amount.

Now this area is quite large , so I wasn't sure if the really slow fps here was because of what happened before or what, as this was a checkpoint not a save game reload like before. I also noticed a huge blue bar with a red light going across the sky. The game is very buggy, and ordinarily I wouldn't play it, but it's seems like a good game I also am intrigued by the woman who helps you lol, and loads of 8800gtx owners seemed to have been playing it just fine, so I want to play to.

Please help me out with this.

UPDATE: After another reboot I tried the same section again , the bit after cyclops slaying and this time I also enabled V-sync. The game was now running okay and that blue bar with the red light was also gone, so it was a bug and not general slowdown. So now this is getting really weird. How can performance slip in and out so erratically like this. It shouldn't be possible with a healthy gpu which I am sure I have . I highly doubt that this is the last time this will happen. I can't keep rebooting every 10 mins, thast just ridiculous. thats has to be a fix. Why has no one else got this bug?

02-06-07, 10:33 AM
Can't help much but the game is buggy as hell for many yet they seem to refuse to ignore the complaints. Something is definitely a miss with the coding.