View Full Version : Changing ram timings.....

02-06-07, 05:50 AM
Hello all. Due to me being a cheapskate, I cheaped out on the ram.

I now have some generic pos. It is made by samsung and is ddr2 533mhz.

It can rated @ 4-4-4-12. However I can change the timings to 2-2-2-6 without any problems.

Will I see any speed increases or is nothing performance wise..

P.s my p4 651 3.4ghz 2mb lga775 has a Multiplier of 17x. Is this normal? I can get it to run @ 4.1ghz without chaning voltage and on stock fan. But it wont go any higher atm. Will a cooler get me further. I dont think it is the heat (running at 40-50 oc).

Cheers all

02-06-07, 06:16 AM
Very little with a Pentium 4, Netbust processors low bandwith and will rather have faster memory AMD Athlons love low latency however. Core2's see a slight increase but nothing much.