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02-07-07, 05:21 AM
Found this from The Sun Online.


BT's Home IT Advisor service was launched nearly a year ago to deal with people's problems with their PCs and help troubleshooting the problems.

About 150,000 calls later, they dealt with people who was so clueless about their PCs like the person who complained the broadband went off every time a lorry passed the house, or the woman who asked if the helpline had the number of a man she'd just met on the Internet.

Here the list of hilarious conversations from customers below:

Customer: "I keep getting inappropriate pop-ups on my computer and don't want my wife to think that it's me."
Advisor: "I will remove them for you."
Customer: "How do I get them back when she is not in?"

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Advisor: "Press any key to continue."
Customer: "I can't find the 'Any' key."

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Customer: "My mouse mat isn't wired up."
Advisor: "I'm not sure I understand, your mouse mat shouldn't have any wires."
Customer: "Well how does it know where my mouse is? Is it wireless?"

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Customer: "I met a man on the internet, can you give me his phone number?"

Advisor: "You have spyware on your machine which is causing the problem."
Customer: "Spyware? Can they see me getting dressed through the monitor?"

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Customer: "How do I change channel on my monitor?"
Advisor: "Your monitor won't have channels like a TV."
Customer: "But I was watching the internet channel the other day and now I just get the word processing channel."

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Advisor: "Can you click on 'My Computer'?"
Customer: "I don't have your computer, just mine."

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Customer: "My 14 year-old son has put a password on my computer and I can't get in."
Advisor: "Has he forgotten it?"
Customer: "No he just won't tell me it because I've grounded him."

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Customer: "I have lost my work."
Advisor: "Let's see if we can get your documents back for you?"
Customer: "You don't understand, I've lost my job and I want to get on to the internet to find a new one."

Customer: "My internet isn't working."
Advisor: "What modem are you using, is everything connected up?"
Customer: "No I haven't taken the computer or the modem out of their boxes yet!"

Customer: "My iPod will only play one song."
Advisor: "Which other tracks have you downloaded from iTunes?"
Customer: "Do I need to download tracks?"

Customer: "My digital camera only takes dark photos."
Advisor: "Have you turned the flash on?"

Customer: "My family in Australia use BT Softphone, I can see them but they can't see me."
Advisor: "What brand is your webcam?"
Customer: "What's a webcam?"

02-07-07, 06:17 AM
Advisor: "Press any key to continue."
Customer: "I can't find the 'Any' key."

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02-07-07, 07:36 AM
You have no idea whats it like, BT Home IT Advisor desk is called is HITA for short it's pretty good to work on you can laugh yourself silly with the calls you get. HITA is delt with by a 3rd party callcenter where i work at.