View Full Version : What's the best tweaking utility for GF4?

03-12-03, 12:43 AM
Guys, I'm looking for the best tweaking utility for my Ti4200... can anybody help me by telling me which one is the best? and its configuration settings...

Thanks a lot...

03-12-03, 11:26 AM
I have used RivaTuner since the 1st day i got my GeForce4 and have found it to do all that i want.

It is probbly one of the most comprehensive tweaking utilitys for nvidia products. Most if not all options in it have good "help and tips" by right clicking on them which is good for people who are new to tweaking. Some of the options are advanced but you dont need to touch them unless you know what your doing. :p

Another that i have used in the past is nVHardpage. It has a very clean and simple to navigate user interface which is good for inexperianced tweakers, it also has all of the regular features needed for tweaking. it has some new features that are not found in RivaTuners present build.

One i use for quick AA AF VSync and Performance tweaks is aTuner, it is very basic but very handy and is always kept up to date and tested with new (beta) detonator drivers.

As for settings for them all, thats for you to decide for yourself by many hours of testing on your own hardware configuration to see what is best for you card, processor, monitor and eyes ;)