View Full Version : 15.00 WHQL Issues (680i)

Lord Devil
02-07-07, 09:54 AM

I wonder what differences are in this new 15.00 WHQL Release... As far as I know they replaced the native Vista driver, however I havent found any benefit for now. Only advantage is maybe the MediaShield! However I want to know if anyone can reproduce the following issues with this driver on a similar system:

- Sleep modes still does not work (shuts down ok, but on wake up - screen stays blank)
- I have 2 erronous devices in device manager (Microsoft 6to4 adapter, and something calle Jeremedy... - both cannot load the driver). I am not sure if I had this errors before the 15.00 Update too... (can anyone confrim?)
- Since the new 15.00 release, the start of the Nvidia control panel takes up to a minute. By inspecting the Task Msnager you notice that after you clicked on the Nvidia Control Panel, the Control panel process gets max cpu power all the time until you can see it, so there must be some heavy processing during this minute ? Can anyone reproduce that too?

Thanks in advance for your info, kind regards,

02-07-07, 01:09 PM
I don't have a 680i but I uninstalled the nforce4 amd series drivers. Everything was fine before installing them...After was terrible.

1st- after about 20 minutes of running I would get a BSOD and then on restart my sound would be gone. The driver was detected as installed but the soundcard wasn't there. Moved the sound card to the other pci slot installed and it worked...for 20 minutes then BSOD again.

2nd- after the 2nd BSOD and re-install, before it flopped for the 3rd time, the screen would do a crazy flash every 3 to 4 minutes and then a message would come up saying Desktop manager has quit working and some other stuff was being turned off.

I uninstalled the 15.00 drivers, no problems since.

Even I'm starting to get impatient with Nvidias crap at this point I generally don't complain about this stuff much at all.....but this is getting ridiculous.

Maybe it's time they rounded up the driver team and said "OK...screw trying to get everything out, lets all work on 1 piece at a time and see if we can get ONE..that's right ONE F'N DRIVER THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!"

In their defense...no one else seems to be doing much better.