View Full Version : Rogue Galaxy

02-08-07, 07:09 AM
So, anybody else been playing this? So far I'm finding it really damn good. It fixes a lot of the RPGisms that always drag down gameplay. Allies not in your active party get partial experience so they don't fall horribly behind. Save & teleport ports are sprinkled liberally around the entire game, often next to item shops so you can warp in and grab what you need. Encounters take place in the game world instead of warping you off to magical fighting land. Load times are minimal when you warp around, and non-existent when you walk from place to place. The weapon creation system is actually useful since your combining tool will actually tell you beforehand which combinations are good when you've leveled a weapon sufficiently. Combat isn't as detailed as I'd like it, but they keep things fresh with various twists to mashing the X button. Ultimately I would have liked to see a more involved system, perhaps more akin to a light fighting game or a beat em up (like Drakengard 2 maybe), but it functions adequately. It's not a highlight, but its not painful either. In Final Fantasy XII it felt like you were playing the coach for the party, but in this one it feels like you are more of the team leader, actively controlling one character while the others do their thing, occasionally asking permission to use items or special abilities when appropriate.

So yeah, anyone else have thoughts?