View Full Version : Spend $30 via paypal, get $15 back.

02-09-07, 03:31 AM
Looks like there may be some kind of catch to this, but I am not certain. It looks as if you can just buy something for $30 on ebay for example, and you get a $15 rebate a few months later.


02-09-07, 04:42 AM
Hmm... interesting.

I sure took advantage of the last PayPal deal where you got free shipping on all paypal orders at NewEgg.com. I saved a ton of money with that. :)

02-09-07, 05:12 AM
I just used PayPal over at ZZF to buy my new CPU.

Mr. Hunt
02-09-07, 07:22 AM
Definitely has to be a catch somewhere... otherwise couldn't you and a friend just paypal 30 bucks back and forth to each other? :\

02-09-07, 11:48 AM
It has to be through a merchant I believe. If your friend setup an ebay auction, then sure I guess.