View Full Version : 1.2ghz 266 fsb TBird, VT GF2 GTS, MSI K7T Turbo-R mobo

07-28-02, 04:28 PM
I have the following items for sale if anyone is interested:

a) 1.2 ghz 266fsb TBird Retail Box $60

b) 2 sticks of 128 megs Mushkin PC150 HSDRAM $60 each

c) K7T Turbo-R mobo (Bios 2.9) Retail Box $85 Includes Blue Orb on North Bridge

d) Visiontek GF2 GTS 32 meg (Not a V card but real GTS) OEM $60
Speed is 200c/333m

All parts bought new from NewEgg in March of 2001, and used for 10 months till January 2002. No problems with anything :)

Currently the TBird and memory are already mounted in the K7T Turbo-R mobo. Would like to sell whole rather than take apart.

If you buy the mobo, cpu, and memory I will include a coolshim and Volcano 2 HS/F (As they are already installed also) I used Artic Silver 2 on the core. I will also lower the price to $225 total plus shipping.

Buy everything for $275 plus shipping.

Leave message if interested. Was going to build a second system for my dad but I will be upgrading my current system and he will be getting that one (See signature), so I really don't need these parts anymore.

07-28-02, 05:13 PM
Any chance I can get all that for free? Or trade in my Geforce 3?

07-28-02, 06:02 PM
LOL, how about all that for a GF4. Haha.

07-28-02, 06:04 PM
I'll give you a crowbar for a dollah....

07-28-02, 07:07 PM
Well, if nobody wants this stuff I'll umm, well, I don't know what I'll do. Maybe build a backup system :eek:

Yea, thats the ticket :D

08-03-02, 07:31 PM
you could try putting it up at ebay make a good 30 to 40 bucks. Or you could sell it offline to someone that doesnt know a thing about computer for 600 dollars.... :-)