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02-09-07, 11:05 AM
A new blog NVIDIA launched with posts from Roy Taylor - Vice President Content Relations, NVIDIA is a good source of up to date information. Roy's the guy who heads up the NVIDIA TWIMTBP program, which works with leading content developers and publishers to ensure stability and optimal performance of games and applications on NVIDIA hardware.

Roy’s passion for gaming stems from years of game play, starting with the original Sim City and he still remembers the first time he installed the OpenGL patch for the original Doom. As well as time in spent in two clans, plus doing level design Roy has a strong personal interest in the developer market. As a part of NVIDIAs charter with developers, Roy believes that open nature of the PC platform gives artists and programmers the freedom to bring their ideas and dreams to life. Whilst in sales Roy used his experience and knowledge with applications/games to help expand the use of GPU’s so he was a natural choice to run Content Relations where he is able to connect everyone from the artists, programmers, publishers, retailers, etailers and NVIDIA board partners together to help strengthen and grow the PC gaming business.".

Be sure to check it out! (http://blogs.nvidia.com/developers/)