View Full Version : Lost internet connection on vista 64 bit

02-11-07, 07:55 AM
Well I was playing a game and locked up., So I rebooted and I could see it was trying to say something about mac address just would hang there A dash cliking like it was waiting, I reboote got to windows, can,t connect to internet, Somehow the ip address ipv4 it assigns is starting with 169. etc, called my cable company comcast, did everything unplug cable modem etc., used command prompt to try and release ipconfig and still it has the same ipv4 169. etc. So Hell I just reinstalle vista 64 bit and the same thing is happening. In device manager the two nivida networking are working with the driivers from the vista cd, I had the new 680i chipsets in at one time[15.00] to same thing. Anybody have this experience? It always says unidentifed local network, it gets connected somewere because I've checked in the network sharing thing and hit details and its got some connection somwhere.:(

02-11-07, 09:45 PM
Well I fixed it., This time I cleared cmos before installing vista, I did update the bios to 24 last week. I just loaded defaults upon reboot maybe thats why internet ip got screwed up after couple of days.I didn't have the cable hooked up to the lan ports unitl windows was all up on desktop, then hooked it up, and it connected to the internet and downloaded updates. everything works great. Had to be not clearing cmos after that bios update. all I can think off.:)