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02-12-07, 05:44 AM
My cousin asked me to build him a similar rig except of course on a smaller budget similar to mine for gaming... The thing started up fine then bam shuts off... then after that it would only turn on for a second making a brief flash of fan light and movement and then turn off and only if I unplug it from the power then put the plug back in... So I look on the LCD poster on the back and it says Cpu Init... First thing I do is look it up on the net and take the advice given... So I remove every piece of hardware one by one and turn it on but the same thing happens... then I remove everything except for the cpu and try to turn it on... same problem...

Then I pull out the cmos pin and place it in 2 and 3 so that I can enable the clear cmos button on the striker extreme... Finally it turns on woohoo but a minute or so latter... Turns off... Same thing happens again... I take out the cpu make not pins are bent and place it back in same problem...

Here is the components...

8800 GTS
Striker Extreme
Thermaltake 850w
Zalman CPN9700 NT
X-Fi platinum
2 x 1 gig OCZ Platinum DDR2 800
1 x Sata2 320 gig Seagate

So anyone know what the problem could be I'v tried my best but the dam thing is pissing me off... Thanks in advance for any help/advice I really appreciate it

02-12-07, 06:29 AM
In this case i would say a CPU fualt or the motherboard is no reconizing the CPU correctly.

02-13-07, 07:21 AM
Thanks I'm currently having them independently tested at my friend’s pc repair store... Thanks for the help...