View Full Version : VIA motherboard chipsets: Stable?

02-12-07, 08:25 AM
I'm buying the following components for a much needed upgrade:

Intel E6400
1GB PC5300 RAM
GF 7600gt
Asus P5VD2-VM motherboard

Is the motherboard, based on a VIA P4M900 chipset, stable? Are there any known problems I should be aware of?

02-12-07, 09:10 AM
not sure about the excactly chip, but in general via are horrible

02-12-07, 10:32 AM
The K8T800/800Pro/890 were solid.

Don't know about the new stuff though.

02-12-07, 10:44 AM
Well the chipsets are OK'ish but I am sure they lack good preformance in IDE, Sata and USB.

02-12-07, 11:39 AM
Hmmm, okay. Thanks for the replies. My current motherboard has a five year old VIA chipset I believe so I'm sure the performance of the IDE, Sata and USB will be as fast, if not faster.

02-12-07, 12:22 PM
I have never had any problems with VIA chipsets or have I noticed any performance losses. They have always seemed to work great for me....