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02-12-07, 10:50 AM
I posted this in General but I think it may be better suited here.

I work for a small company that takes pride in being able to present its work in our conference room. Here is the current setup:

There are 10 epson projectors, 5 mounted to the ceiling and 5 on the floor to project in a 5x2 configuration. This setup is driven by a Dell Precision Workstation 650 with 4 GB of RAM and a graphics setup of a Matrox Parhelia on the AGP slot and 2 Matrox QID on the PCI slots. The outputs from these are sufficient for the displays to run in their native 1600x1200 resolution, however the system gets severely bogged down by the applications we need to run to present what we need to. Therefore, we would like to swap this machine with another that we have in the office. This is where the problem lies.

The new workstation is a Dell Precision 690 with Windows XP x64 edition and 8 GB of RAM. It currently has two Nvidia Quadro 4500 cards on a riser that supports the two PCI express cards. Each of these cards has two DVI outputs which do function on their own and i think can be split into two VGA each, giving a total of 8 outputs (that hasn't been tested yet). However, to drive 10 projectors, we need another card. The only available slots on the board are two PCI Extended slots.

My question is :
Is there another card I can add to this configuration to achieve what I am trying to do? The reason I am having difficulty is that as soon as I try a card into a PCI extended slot, it disables one of the PCI express cards. I have had this problem mixing graphics on PCI extended with others in the past.

Any kind of direction would be helpful and if you can point me to any literature about PCI, PCI-E, and PCI-X conflicts, that would be amazingly helpful.