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02-14-07, 08:01 AM
Although not my job I help trouble shoot system problems and with Vista some people are having them :( .

This is for people with GUI level problems, like display errors or GUI corruption, this thread has nothing to do with gaming.

Three computers I helped trouble shoot would get some sort of display adapter error, two with Nvidia cards and one with an ATI card. As many of you know or don't know Vista allocates system memory to graphics, since the graphics cards were working properly on previous OS's I though maybe the errors had to do with allocated system RAM. Running MEMTEST86 on all three computers system RAM brought up errors, two had overclocked RAM and one stock settings. The two systems with overclocked RAM were tested for 8 hours with MEMTEST86 till I found a point at where the RAM passed. The stock system needed the RAM set to manufacturers specs, the auto BIOS settings were to aggresive.

All three computers now run Vista fine.

To make a long story short, check your system RAM, it may be the root of your display adapter errors.

P.S. What was kind of funny was the reluctance of the three above computer users to want to test thier system RAM, to them afterall their systems ran fine on older OS's and it couldn't be the RAM.

02-21-07, 09:28 AM
Nice post, seems my problems, with graphical glitch and errors with my 7900gt, i've installed Vista Ultimate 32 bit and i've overclocked ram and cpu, now try what u suggest, i hope i can fix , i'll update later, bye.