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02-15-07, 08:45 AM
Hello all.

Decided to do one last upgrade which will last me til the winter. I know it sounds cheapskate, but there are reasons. (Buying a Toyota Mr2)

Here are the current and intented spec (red is planned)

P4 651 3.4ghz @ 4.0Ghz - Conroe E4300 1.8Ghz (All that my mobo can take)
2Gb DDRII Dual Channel 533Mhz ram. Cant upgrade further on mobo
MSI 7900GTO (Sold) 8800GTS 320mb
2x320gb SATA II RAID
1x250gb SATA II
ThermalTake Purepower 680w
Dell 2407wfp 24"
18x Samsung DVD-+RW
NZXT Lexa Classic
XFI XtremeMusic
Creative Gigaworks G500
Asrock Xfireesata2+ mobo
Stock CPU cooler Thermaltake Big Typhoon 4 in 1 Heatpipe

All this will come up to 350 Sterling. (use xe for dollars)

What do you think? Should I get 640mb version?

cheers thanks alot

02-15-07, 09:44 AM
Are you saying your motherboard will only support an E4300 cpu but not an E6300 cpu?

320 should be fine if your gaming at low resolutions.

02-15-07, 11:08 AM
Are you saying your motherboard will only support an E4300 cpu but not an E6300 cpu?

320 should be fine if your gaming at low resolutions.

Depending on how the ram holds out, he may be able to overclock that E4300 to 3Ghz+ speeds.

SOAD_rule, that pc should do just fine. I'm building one with similar specs soon.

02-15-07, 01:48 PM
get your GTS 320mb from PLAY.com ,unless you can find cheaper than 189 including delivery.

No I dont work for Play.com :)

GTS 320mb - 190
e4300- 109
Big Typhoo 4in1 28
327 not 350

Unless you are just rounding up to the nearest 50

02-15-07, 01:55 PM
i would get 640 meg version instead personally.. then it could possibly tie you over till end of 2008.
Cause I'd be playing GRAW2 and I know that can eat up 512 megs of ram in ultra quality.. and that comes in March... let alone the other games.

02-15-07, 02:23 PM
GRAW you can get it to shuffle the workload onto the system ram (ManageTexturesYes or some such) ,Probably do the same in GRAW2 so a 320 wouldnt be so bad as long as you have 2gigs .GRAW uses about 1.1gb total on my pc on ultra ,512mb sounds conservative for GRAW2.

02-15-07, 02:37 PM
performance is still compromised a bit when you have to move textures between system ram and video ram though. If your overall system and vid card is powerful enough, the dent in performance probably won't be very noticeable, if at all, especially at lower resolutions and AA AF levels.

But we aren't exactly sure if GRAW2 will have even more textures and details?

Its a tossup.. For $300, the 320 meg version is a great card for today's games for the money. But for a $60 after rebate difference, why not just go for the 640?

02-15-07, 02:45 PM
320 = 190
640 = 340 (for a decent one)

We get robbed in Europe for graphics cards.

edit: well shut my mouth .XFX 640mb for 280, Thats still an extra 90 though.
That 90 could pay for an extra spare rim for the Mr2 :)

02-15-07, 03:11 PM
I would get a 640mb version because if you want to play at your monitors native resolution with AA you will be pushing the limit of the video buffer. This will especially be a concern with newer titles.


02-15-07, 04:22 PM
Id like to see a comparison in GRAW with a 320 using the
<variable name="texture_managed_XXXXX" value="true"/> tweaks
Then see how it compares to the 640.

02-16-07, 03:50 AM
thanks for the great help guys. How about this? I found a gainward bliss 640mb version for 250..... and a 320mb bfg oc version for 193.

Us it worth hte extra 57 considering I am running a 24" screen @ 1920x1200

The titan amanda was on special offer @ 55. tempted?

my mobo can only do a e4300.

Do you know any better? for a REALLY cheap price ;)

02-16-07, 03:58 AM
That setup looks great. I'm building a very similar rig and it should last us for a while. :)

02-16-07, 07:32 AM
hell yes to the TITAN. fiddyfie bones for a pelt is groot

I need my tablets.

Id still go with the evga 320 ,as long as its on step up in the uk.

Oh and the e4300 is great but seriously... Change the mobo so you can use something better in the furture you may want a quad core or something nicer, It will save you hassle in the long run.

02-16-07, 11:55 AM
you have to see where to buy grakas in europe
there are very big differences between them shops