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02-16-07, 03:00 AM
I've had a quick search of the forums but couldn't find the answer to my question hence the post (& I'm sure the answer is really straight forward).

I'm running a pair of 8800GTX in sli & I know that I can't have dual monitor with sli enabled. If I disable Sli I can run dual monitors but it appears only if I have both screens running from one card.

I'm trying to find out how I get each monitor to run from a seperate card. The last time I tried this was with 7900 GT in the same setup and no matter what I did the second card would not output a signal.

The only thing I did't try was to remove the Sli bridge but I assumed that if Sli wasn't enabled then it would ignore the bridge.

Your help (or as I expect laughter, finger pointing and cries of n00b) would be appreciated.

Cheers - Dave

XFX Support
02-16-07, 10:53 AM
It should not be an issue running a monitor from each video card. Once your disable SLI you will need to reboot. After your reboot and you have a monitor connected to each video card, right click the desktop and select properties, then settings tab, do you see two monitors (displayed by a black box for each one)? If so then highlight the number two box and under the resolution, check the box for "Extend my windows desktop to this monitor". If not then try each card by itself to ensure the ports are works properly. Also what mobo do you have?

XFX Support

02-16-07, 11:38 AM
Will play around across the weekend - second monitor only arrived today. Was asking the question because I remember having problems before. Mobo evga 680. Thanks for the pointers.


02-16-07, 11:19 PM
Subscribing to thread as I'm interested in the answer also.

02-19-07, 05:02 AM
Worked fine straight out of the box. No idea why it caused me so many problems before - oh well one of life's little mysteries :) Thanks