View Full Version : Added 2 more gigs to Vista 64, did it slow my system down?

02-16-07, 06:06 AM
Hey all,

Question.. tonite I added another 2 gigs into my system and installed Vista 64, well after getting it installed I noticed it seemed a bit more sluggish. Not by much but just one of those things you can just tell. Well it looks as though my memory has dropped from 800 to 400 after adding the additional ram. I used to get 5.9's across the board but now have a 5.5 and that's what really had me wondering.

So question, is this what happens when you fill all the banks on the 680i? If so I guess I may be going back to 2 gigs.



02-16-07, 06:39 AM
400MHz in CPU-Z is ok. That's DDR-2 800MHz PC 6400.
But your memory is made for more, overclock it.

Impressive rig btw :D

Thanks slaWter, As is yours.. you actually gave me the 4gig idea! ;)

Unforunately, the ram that is in my sig is just sitting here on the side. I can't afford another 2 gigs of that, so I'm running 4 gigs of Corsair Twin2X-2048-6400c4, I had 2 gigs of this stuff laying around as a backup. And well it's cheap enough so I picked up another 2 yesterday to tie me over, until I can get my hands on more of the good stuff!.

Any idea though why my numbers dropped on the ram? When I had 5.9's straight across I was running Vista 32 with 2 gigs of ram, didn't matter which actually.. either the dominator or the twinx.