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02-16-07, 03:21 PM
all of the belmonts have been revealed? why?
leon was the first to use the vampire killer, according to lament of innoence, leon's game, a belmont would not see mathias/dracula for hundreds of years after the sad falling out of their friendship (i blame leon actually, but it's too long to explain why) in 1094-1095. the next belmont would be trevor in 1473. so no belmonts to play as between then and 1095, plus dracula only turned evil just a few years before the battle between himself and trevor. so that means it's also unlikely no game even w/ a non-belmont will take place during that few hundred years.

julius is the last belmont, b/c he killed dracula in 1999 according to aria and dawn of sorrow. and there will probably be a game with that story. there was no belmont between him and richter (1790s) according to portrait of ruin. so no one in 1800s.

as for the 1500s my damn brain isn't working now so i'll add that later. there was something i had thought of that makes perfect sense, but i have so damn many thoughts in my big crazy-ass head, that it don't come to mind now. if it comes to mind again, i'll follow up with an edit. now, let's move onto the good ol' century that passed most recently.

then for the 1st half of the 1900s there's 2 resurrections of dracula. it's unlikely the timeline would squeeze a 3rd one into that time frame, which also means that in portrait of ruin in 1945 will likely be the second-to-last time dracula is ressurected as himself (there's someone that might inherit his powers after his sad death in 1999, but he himself is dead.) so that concludes (possibly) the timeline before his death.

interesting facts:
all of the ones removed from the series timeline were made after iga became series producer or at least did symphony of the night.
dracula has failed more than dr robotnik and wily and yes i'm excluding remakes.
in 20-07 there will be a 2nd remake of rondo of blood. however it still is not remade as much as simon's first adventure.
both super nes games were remakes.
symphony of the night (nocturne in the moonlight, ps1 version only) and final fantasy 7 both came to the ps1 in japan in spring 97. they are almost completely the reason the 2d-starved and rpg-starved ps1 pulled ahead of the saturn in japan. symphony of the night proved that 2d games were just as good if not better than 3d games (and the n64 ones helped to prove that as well, just in the bad way)
i had something else really interesting but mind aint working right now. i guess someone would might guess would it was. i ain't the only person in the world who realised it, or anything else for that matter, to be sure.

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