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sammy sung
02-16-07, 05:36 PM
For any of you that own this mobo a trip to the asus ftp is well worth it.Im using the latest 902 and issues i had with Rainbow 6 vegas are gone now (touch wood) I in my infinate stupidity thought it was a driver issue but it looks like i was wrong.The vcore voltage drop is also reportedly fixed.Havent tried any oc's yet but 400 fsb + looks stable for others.Here are the changes since the last non beta 602 bios i used before.

[ 0902 ]
1.Fixed CPU Vcore cannot be set by user when Overclocking at some frequency.
2.Support new CPUs, please refer to our website at: http://support.asus.com/cpusupport/cpusupport.aspx?SLanguage=en-us&model=P5N32-E%20SLI

BIOS version: 0803 Date:02/13/2007

Checksum: 7F00H

01.Fixed CPU Vcore will abnormal when over 1.60V and restore CPU OV GPIO to default before Setting Vcore.

================================================== ==================================
BIOS version: 0802 Date:02/12/2007

Checksum: 2000H

01.Based on BIOS 0801,modify the BIOS release year string to 2007.

================================================== ==================================
BIOS version: 0801 Date:02/07/2007

Checksum: 2500H

01.Modify Corsair CM2X1024-10000C5D & Corsair CM2X1024-6400C4D patch rule
02.Fixed FSB 1333Mhz CPU clock incorrect
03.Fixed sometime the CPU VID table will be dystroyed
04.Fixed Vcore error when CMOS checksum fail.
05.Fixed summary page "CPU ID/ucode ID" string will show to "CPU ID/uc"
06.Patch Corsair CM2X1024-6400C4D to fit H/W Request
07.Update EZ-Flash to B319 :
a.Fixed error occurs when there is only a SATA ODD connected and legacy floppy is disable.
b.Fixed if the last byte of the bios date is aligning on 16bytes

================================================== ==================================
BIOS version: 0704 Date:01/26/2007

Checksum: B400H

01.Set H/W Monitor Voltage warning range from 1.00V~1.65V for Conroe & Kensfield CPU
02.Fixed system hang when Music Alarm play length to 1 hour.
03.Fixed when press ALT+F2 to decompress AWDFLASH.EXE,press 'TAB'(or 'ESC'), 'F8' or 'DEL' key still can work
04.Fixed Music Alarm auto shutdown when use Presler 3.4GHz CPU &WD1200 HDD & ASUS DRW1612BL.
05.Fixed show "error loading operation system" when use CHS mode PATA HDD and "Access Mode" select CHS.
06.Patch Corsair CM2X1024-10000C5D Voltage when Memory Overclocking
07.Fix error occurs when there is only a SATA ODD connected and legacy floppy is disable.(B318a)
08.Fixed Samsung HDD install win-xp failed message "error loading operation system".
(Note: boot partation is partationed in Large Mode) (Fixed show missing operating system when use CHS mode HDD)
09.Change Max FSB to 650MHz on AI-Booster
10.Fixed CPR fail if overclock too much.

================================================== ==================================
BIOS version: 0703 Date:01/19/2007

Checksum: 2F00H

01.Fixed DMI rebuild issue when support more O.C. profiles.
02.Patch USB driving to fit H/W request
03.Patch OCZ 2SOE9001G MMIO when in Full Loading
04.Create random UUID when DMI is cleared.

================================================== ==================================
BIOS version: 0702 Date:01/10/2007

Checksum: 4B00H

01.Patch SAMSUNG(KR M378T6553CZ0-CE6) DDR667/512MB fail to boot
02.Fixed Power Fan can't work after S3.
03.Set DDR2 Termination Max default Votlage to 1.25V (Memory Voltage is 2.5V)
04.New PROD setting for Creative X-FI sound Card issue.
05.Patch Corsair ,Apacer(667/512) DIMM MMIO & Voltage for stability
06.Save Ladder budget and adstb to CMOS to reduce DTM S3 resume time.
07.Change CopyRight year from 2006 to 2007.

================================================== ==================================
BIOS version: 0701 Date:12/25/2006

Checksum: 2000H

01.Fixed setup item abnormal issue.(Memory clock mode disappeared if SLI ready memory is installed).

ASUS have been busy it seems,thanks :)


02-17-07, 07:48 AM
I knew that would happen just after I chose a p5b-d ...

03-14-07, 02:46 PM
Anyone know if this board really supports 4gb RAM?

03-14-07, 05:47 PM
Anyone know if this board really supports 4gb RAM?

I assume you mean 4GB. Yes it should, but only under vista. Disable some for xp.

03-15-07, 05:29 AM
HELLO DOES THIS [01.Modify Corsair CM2X1024-10000C5D & Corsair CM2X1024-6400C4D patch rule] MEAN THE CM2X1024-6400C4D WILL NOW WORK!! I might reinstall the board again. I did download this BIOS about a week ago but could not find a log of this fixes so never borther reinstalling the board. My IN9 MAX seems a bit iffy lately with cold boots.

sammy sung
03-15-07, 05:41 PM
They released another update for it :

P5N32-E SLI BIOS 0903 Release
1.Support new CPUs.
2.Fix PreslerXE 3.73G will run at 3.19G after CMOS fails.
3.Use new German translation.
4.Fix PreslerXE & SmithfieldXE CPU fail to boot.
5.Update EZ-Flash module.
6.Fix Vcore error when above 1.80V.
7.Fix CPU Vcore can not be set by user when Overclocking at certain frequency.