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02-18-07, 02:20 PM
i'm wondering what i should do. i have an unopened l2000c and i think it's probably the 1st revision w/ the banding problems. i contacted lg, but i can't seem to get to the right person, be it via email or phone. i just got an ati system (yes, i know ati typically sucks, but their northbridges run cold as **** and without an nb fan on top of that, so their mobos dont suck, and the people don't suck but anyways), and i can't use it b/c i don't know if opening the l2000c will void my chance to swap it for the later revision, that is if i ever get in contact w/ the right person. it's not honest to sell it on ebay, so i aint going to do that, so i was wondering if anyone had any help/suggestion they could offer. quality control is becoming horrendous and one of the top
things i wish manucfacturers would go back to, is just raising the price on all of them and just throwing the partially defective ones into the pit of no return as my friend would say. they're only making things harder on themselves. if they did it the way i just mentioned they could simply reduce prices by not having to pay qc testers to work extra hours to see whether or not somethings not too defective to sell. i'm so damn worried some ****s going to happen to my core 2 duo e6300 like one of the cores will blow out or their transistors would or like the remaining cache will die after 3 years of use. (i ordered it before i knew it was like video cards, otherwise i would have bought the e6600 instead.)

02-18-07, 04:56 PM
i'm not a malicious person or anything. i really need some help from people much smarter than me.

02-19-07, 06:29 AM
Well, where I live I have a two week money back gurantee if I donīt like my purchase for whatever reason. If you donīt have that, donīt open the package and try to return it by talking to shop/etailer where you bought it. Tell them that you ordered the wrong item and that youīd like to return and that the box was never opened. Any decent business will do that and most charge you with the shipping costs. Good luck!