View Full Version : Striker Extreme Startup problems

02-18-07, 09:28 PM
Just installed New striker Extreme. Looked good coming up all the led's and ligths but screen, or bios never came up.
Intel: pentium Extreme 965 1066 FSB
Kingston 1 gig ddr2 800fsb total of 4gig's
Took cards out everthing unhooked, still no display of bios.
Lcd shows cpu int, I got to reading on the internet on asus, found the only way to try to see bios verison is look at the rev on the board, and it shows 1.00 this doesn't seem correct, The web site says Intel 965 supported after 3.xx Is this a bios problem? If so how will I flash with out it seeing the cpu.?
Any body have any Ideas,? Cpu led comes on green, no unusuall bee;s
any one have any afvide?

02-19-07, 07:15 AM
Try clearing the CMOS. If that doesn't work, possibly remove the power supply connectors to the motherboard, and pulling the CMOS battery. I've read sometimes it may take 12 hours or so. Also try only one stick of RAM in the slot farther away from the CPU slot.

02-19-07, 08:32 PM
Tinkered with it some more today, took it out of the case (MB) and set on table, got it past CPU Int, went to IDE DET, so I thought it was looking for the IDE drive, couple of times it came up CMOS err, did get a screen but turned back off, swapped memory around several way's, thought I would be able to get it buy Cpu int.. Put back in case and just hooked up my floppy drive and disk drive, but again came to CPU INT. I am beginning to think it don't like the Kindston memory, (800MGZ 1 gig each DDR2, 2 pack total of 4 gig's) tried one, two and four combinations.
Has any boby had any problems with Kingston memory and Asus MB?
What is the correct was to set the memory in A1,A2,B1,B2?
The manuel is sorta unclear, says A1+A2=B1+B2, A1 and B1 slots are blue and A2 and B2 are white, So do you put the the same sets (two)in A1 and A2 or A1 and B1??????????.

02-20-07, 09:12 AM
I've heard the Asus Striker is very picky about memory. They say the newest BIOS fixes this (at least that's what it says on their website). But if you can't even get to a point where you can update the BIOS, there is no way to flash the BIOS. Possibly the best option would be to return or sell your memory and get new (more compatible ones - look on Asus' website for the list of compatibility).

02-21-07, 06:02 AM
Ok, removed battery and waited about 2 hours, and this brought system up. So valid that helped, first thing I did was up date the Bios from 701 to 901. Rebooted and it comes up every time. So I do think the bios was causing the problem.

But now new problem. When I load Windows from the disk, (XP Pro) system goes thu loading windows drivers, then shows starting Windows (bottom of screen), then just cuts off (the computer), no error or beebs, just like you hit the power switch, their is no error on the LCD eithier, I turn it back on and goes thru post, does its checks, I can go into bios, stay in bios and never turns off, Just when try to load windows?

Anyone have some Ideas????

I have change different setting in bios but doesn't seem to help?