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02-21-07, 08:48 PM
I'm thinking of upgrading my PC has anybody got any suggestions?
Or should i start from scratch?

I use my 360 for gameing but i'd still like something wit a bit more Power than what i have it can get annoying some times waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting did i mention waiting.

You get the idea.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

02-21-07, 08:55 PM
What's your budget?

02-21-07, 08:59 PM
Dunno yet but i'd prob be willing to spend a bit

02-21-07, 09:05 PM
Is there anything i can do to current bits to get more out of it?:D

02-21-07, 09:07 PM
If all you want is a faster PC, and don't care about gaming just buy a Dell. Check out fatwallet.com for deals.

If you plan on gaming on it that's a different story.

02-21-07, 10:38 PM
Yeah, what do you plan to use the computer for?

02-21-07, 11:16 PM
I want to use it as a media center in my home it's a HP don't get me wrong it's an ok system but i want to up its perfomance a bit any suggestions

02-22-07, 03:31 PM
You're stuck on Pentium 4/Pentium D on that board, so no, there's no reason to keep it. You'll want to go Core 2 Duo or not at all. I'd say try and sell it off or part it out and pick up a nice Dell Dimension 9200 or something along those lines.


You'll want something more meaty than the E4300 probably, but it's a good start.


Actually, it looks like a bit of a ripoff. You might want to consider building your own. for a media center box.

02-22-07, 10:14 PM
Would there be any point in a new motherboard + Core 2 + and a good graphics card.

How much would it set me back in Comparsion to a new system altogether?

I don't have a very flex bugget as i'm in the process of buying a new house.
My Max budget is Below €1k

02-22-07, 11:10 PM
I have been looking on the HP Site as i currently am using a HP (m7240.uk)
Was looking at Pavilion Media Center TV m7680.uk PC (RJ056AA) It's very similar to my current one wit exception to

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6600
• 2 x 2.40 GHz, Level 2 cache 4 MB, 1066 MHz


250 GB HDD

ATI RADEON X1650 SE, with Avivo
512 MB video memory

I already have wireless mouse, keyboard and remote 19inch lcd

I don't really see the point in buying whole new system would it not make more sense to source these new pieces and put them in the system I have already or will tat just be crazy and hard to achieve????

I'm stuck in a rut now damn it.:( :(

Was also looking at these can you tell me which would the better option be:

SAPPHIRE Radeon X1600XT 256MB PCI Express CrossFire Video Card
NVIDIA® GeForce™ 7500 LE TurboCache with PureVideo technology

02-23-07, 12:31 AM
Why would you EVER buy a dell? Build it yourself. You'll save money, and the resulting computer will run faster and more stable.

02-23-07, 01:10 AM
My thoughts exactly.

Capt. Picard
02-23-07, 01:15 AM
I'm also thinking of upgrading. I won't do it because I don't have the money, but I'm still thinking of it.

02-23-07, 01:23 AM
I'm only in the thinking process at the moo probably won't do a whole lot untill the summer possibily but i want to try and plan ahead for now

DarthBeavis wat are you on about?????

02-23-07, 01:29 AM
Why would you EVER buy a dell? Build it yourself. You'll save money, and the resulting computer will run faster and more stable.