View Full Version : core temp,e4300

02-22-07, 07:42 PM
hello all,

just built a comp using an e4300 cpu,DLed core temp.

the readings are Tjunction 85c,core0 22c,core1 20c

Just wanted to know if this avg for idling,the Tjunction has me worried 85c?

I thought i read that e4300 reports 15c higher in Core temp,but thats still 70c.I do plan on putting a mild OC on this,so the 85c has me worried abit,or should i just ignore the Tjunction temp and worry about the core temps?

I am using a stock HSF.

02-22-07, 07:44 PM
No. Your tjunction is rated to 85c

Your cores, if they are anything like the 6400,6600 are rated to 60.1c
(check Intels website. It'll tell ya)

Your running 22c. You have another 38c to go before you need to worry.

You are waaaaaay in the clear.

And your not running 15c lower. Because core temp reads directly from the sensor in the core.