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03-14-03, 06:58 AM
my friend and i decided to build me a computer a while back, and we decided to make the cutoff of buying all the pieces once the best graphics card came out. so obviously i waited for the geforce fx, hoping it would be all that it was hyped up to. agree or not, it just didnt live up to my expectations, so i'm waiting a few weeks and going with the 9800 pro instead. so since thats our new cutoff date for finding the best, i need some advice on my mobo and cpu. should i go with the xp3000+? P4 3.06? unfortunately my friend's a bit useless on mobo and processors, he hasnt kept up, and i'm new to the market. i dont think the 3.2 or hammer are coming out soon enough, so what do u think, what should it be? with an eye first towards performance and only a bit towards the price, what would you get? and a motherboard reccomendation along with the processor is needed too. thanks

03-14-03, 10:20 AM
I think for gaming the athlonxp is better, but intel is catching up! Read some reviews around the web. This should help make your decision easier. I am surprised no answerd your question sooner. This is a loaded topic.


03-14-03, 10:51 AM
AMDMB.com (www.amdmb.com)

You should take a tip over to amdmb.com, they will be able to help you out, they have alot of users there, and there will be user feedback on almost all combos of Athlon cpus and motherboards.