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02-23-07, 08:30 AM
Ok, here's the deal: I've just resolved to enter the exciting world of overclocking...stop laughing!

I know just enough about hardware and software to be dangerous.

The story so far: my previous system was an Abit ic7-g MB w/a 3.2 p4, 2gb OCZ pc3200 ram, 1 raptor 74gig hd, 8x300gig maxtor hd's (running at RAID 5) on a RocketRaid 1820a controller card for a total of 1.9 TB, ATI AIW 9600, 2x20.1 inch Viewsonic CRT's for dual display.

Why so much storage? One word:DVD. I like to have my collection, uncompressed, instantly available online w/o the endless disc swapping. Lazy? Perhaps.

Anyway I ran out of room. So now Iíve upgraded to 8x750gig Seagate's with the RocketRaid 2320 card, also at Raid 5, for a whopping 4.77TB! Well if I'm going to do that why not go all the way, right?

Here's what I've got:

-C2D E6600 CPU
-EVGA 680i MB
-The same old Raptor 74gig from above
-A new fujitsu SCSI 15K RPM 36gig
-2gb of crappy (Qimonda PC2-4300 533Mhz Dual Channel) RAM from my GF's new HP system (don't worry, I replaced them w/2 512's...I'm not totally insensitive)
-ZeroDBA 620 watt PSU
-CoolerMaster Stacker Case, for all those HD's
-ATI X1300 PCI-x (not quite ready for the SLI plunge yet)

OK, so this is my dilemma:

1) How do I keep all the HD's from melting, since they are mounted vertically and the top one would glow red except for some serious airflow

2) How do I make the system as close to silent as possible

3) How do I maximize the potential of the components to facilitate both stability and pushing the speed limits

I've come up with the following solution, as far as liquid cooling:

-Swiftech MCW30 Chipset Water Block
-Swiftech Apogee GT High performance CPU Water Block
-Hardware Labs Black Ice GT Stealth 360 X-Flow Radiator (1/2" barbs)
-Hardware Labs Black Ice GT Stealth 240 X-Flow Radiator ( also 1/2" barbs)
-Koolance HD-55-L06 Dual Hard Drive Hydra-Pak Cooler (x5, one monted between each 2 HD's)
-Swiftech MCP655 Water Pump
-4 x Scythe 120mm Case Fan (33.5 CFM 8.7 dBA)- 3 in front, 1 in back
-4 x Cooler Master 80mm Ultra Silent Fan (15.75CFM 13dBA)- 1 on top, 1 side, 2 lower back
-a BUNCH of tubing
-sound insulating suff for the interior of the case

(note: I also consisered the Thermaltake Symphony Mini external cooling tower. Anyone had any experience with it?)

The X1300 is noiseless even with it's the fan running, which is why I'm not including it in the liquid circuit, as is the ZeroDBA PSU (hence the name)

The main noise producers are going to be the Raptor and the Fujitsu HD's, as well as the pump (the guy who recommended it also said it can make some noise when run full, which is likely what will be needed to push the volume of liquid).

I plan to mount them with rubber 5.25 adaptors but don't expect much result from that, and I'm very reluctant to encase them in a "silencer" enclosure, especially the 15k rpm (I'm not even aware if there is one for a SCSI drive)

Alrighty then, my epic novel is almost complete, I promise...

I could use advice on any or all topics related to this hardware, in addition to tweaking/overclocking via bios or OS software. I would like to push the 6600 as far as possible w/o compromising stability.

I am currently using XP x64, since it can see and use my entire raid space, but am considering Vista x64. I wouldn't be averse to trying Linux if anyone thinks I could handle it...

I've almost exhausted my budget so I'm considering using the ca-ca ram I already have, but I did find some really sweet looking Crucial Ballistix (2GB DDR2 1000, PC2 8000) for $299- ouch! Could I overclock successfully w/the cheap stuff I have?????

Finally, I now use my SCSI 15K for my system (in a 10 gig partition) and my raptor for my progs and pagefile (in a 4 gig partition). Would I, in contrast, benefit from running 2 raptors in a raid zero?

Well, there it is, mostly. I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks!

02-26-07, 08:46 PM
With running all that I would get the best ram you can afford and if you are going to use the 64bit version I would go with at least four gigs ,and get the best ram you can afford ,I have had good luck with my PC8500C5 Dominator and it overclock s good too,but there is some cheaper ram PC6400C4 that overclocks good too ,and the E6600 should overclock great on water ,I have my E6600 with a Zalman 9500 on a Evga 680i SLI and I run it 24/7 at 3.6gigs at 1.35v.Your power supply may not be enough with all that you have ,and if you get a 8800GTX you more then likely will have to update that exspecialy if you go SLI.