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02-24-07, 10:52 AM
I am selling some parts so I can perform an upgrade on my gaming rig...
Some pics have been added. I still need to take more but my batteries in my digi cam died. After they recharge, I'll get pics of the rest up.
AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+ retail - SOLD
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe - SOLD
Corsair XMS3200C2 2GB (2x1GB) RAM - SOLD
Corsair XMS3200LL 512MB (2x256MB) RAM - SOLD
Danger Den TDX-A64 waterblock - SOLD
1 XFX GeForce 7800GTX 256MB O/C - SOLD
Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS Gamer - SOLD
Powercolor X800 XT 256MB AGP VIVO - SOLD
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Socket 939 AGP board - SOLD
Just added...
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value - SOLD
AMD Athlon64 3000+ - SOLD]
MSI K8N Neo Platinum - SOLD
Powercolor X800 XT PE Hitman Edition - SOLD
Corsair XMS3200C2 1GB (2x512MB) - SOLD
Aspire 550W PSU w/3 color optional lighting - SOLD
Sony DVD/CD-RW combo drive (black) - SOLD
Aspire X-Dreamer Black Case w/windows - SOLD
NEC 17" LCD Monitor - SOLD
Corsair Value Select PC-3200 512MB (2x256MB) - SOLD
Black Ice Micro II Blue radiator - SOLD

Heatware is ragingWS6. eBay username is ragingWS6: http://myworld.ebay.com/ragingws6. PayPal is ragingws6@charter.net. I will pay shipping to US and Canada. Shipping outside of there will be picked up by the buyer.

02-24-07, 11:16 AM
PM with question.

02-24-07, 03:02 PM
AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+ retail - $175
Corsair XMS3200C2 2GB (2x1GB) RAM - $175

I sent you a pm asking ffor the sale of those two items
Im paypal certified and my address is on my paypal Im also Canadian
liveing inWindsor Ontario Canada next door to Detroit Michigan if there is extra for the cost to my house justtell me andIll add it the cost, I also Pmed you..

02-24-07, 10:20 PM
More parts added. Girlfriend wants to get rid of her system to get a notebook since she is doing so much photography now.

02-25-07, 03:30 PM
PM sent with a question :)

02-25-07, 04:04 PM
PM sent with a question :)

02-25-07, 05:11 PM
(nana2) (nana2)

03-02-07, 07:02 PM
Bump for a great seller :D

03-02-07, 11:06 PM
check your pms please :)

03-03-07, 08:27 AM
Right now, the only thing that's left is the 7800GTX. Come on....someone make me an offer! :)

03-03-07, 02:16 PM
All parts are now sold. Thanks guys!