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02-25-07, 08:37 AM
Recently I bought an GeForce 7600 GS Card (Xpertvision/Palit GeForce 7600 GS SONIG) to make my PC at least a BIT faster in gaming :)
It works just fine! It's WAY faster than my old GeForce 3 and now everything looks just wonderful! But only in Direct3D!
OpenGL-Games and Programs (the nVidia-Demos for example) won't work at all!
All I get when I try to start up something that uses OpenGL is an "Unknown Software Exception"
(Exception code: C000001D ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION
Fault address: 6957D78F 01:0007C78F C:\WINDOWS\system32\nvoglnt.dll).
I already tried to re-install the drivers several times... I even tried four different Versions of the ForceWare Drivers (Drivers on CD, Drivers from the XpertVision HP, newest ForceWare WHQL and ForceWare BETA Drivers). I even deleted some driver-files manually after deinstalling the "old" nVidia-Drivers, but nothing seems to help...
I already googled around and often the Software "Driver Cleaner Pro" is mentioned, but this Program doesn't exist anymore... There's only the new "Driver Cleaner.NET" that costs money...
So... Do you have any hint what I could do?

Here are the things I already tried:
Reinstall nVidia Drivers (four different drivers - many times)
Reinstall VIA 4in1 Drivers
Deactivate the use of enhanced Instruction sets of my CPU
altering many things in the nvcpl (Quality, Compatibility etc...)

Here are things that I didn't try:
Re-Install WinXP. I already did that not long time ago and it would be great if I wouldn't have to do it again...

Here are some infos about my system:
CPU: AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.333 MHz (MMX, MMX Ext., 3DNow!, 3DNow! Enh. - NO SSE!)
Board: ASUS A7V133 - VIA KT133 ChipSet
RAM: 512 MB - 133 MHz SD-RAM

I hope I gave you all Infos you need... If not, just say what you need!

Thanks for all answers in advance!

02-25-07, 09:51 AM
Let me start with this... (second choice when I Googled "driver cleaner pro" (without the quotes)


And install these drivers after you use DCPro;

Make sure you have Windows updated to Service Pack 2 (I do everything there is), but at least .NET frameworks, etc. Most importantly make sure you have the latest DirectX, which can be found here;

It looks like you've got your motherboard drivers up to date, but just make sure to be safe. I'd also suggest CCleaner to clean out your registry once you get everything installed.

Hope this helps for now. Keep us updated.

02-25-07, 12:10 PM
Okay... Now I've done everything you suggested...

First off: I already had all updates installed ;)
I update on every Patch Day. And if I'm going to re-install WinXP, I slipstream the patches into my WinXP CD :)

So... What did I do now?
1. De-Installed the ForceWare Drivers
2. Booted into Windows Safe-Mode
3. Started Driver Cleaner Pro, added the three nVidia-Filters to the list and started cleaning
4. Started CCleaner and cleaned all that appeared under "Problems"
5. Booted normal WinXP and installed the driver again
6. Rebooted (again) and set the right resolution
7. Tried to start an OpenGL-App...
8. Getting depressed because it still won't work :(

I even installed the .NET-Framework and the newest DirectX-Version but... Nothing... :(

More Ideas? :)

P.S.: OpenGL is working fine under Linux ;)

02-26-07, 03:44 PM
Okay... Some (bad) news...
I've installed a fresh WinXP on a seperate Partition of my new HDD and OpenGL still doesn't work.
It still crashes with the same error-message :(
Could it be, that the ForceWare Drivers are optimized for SSE or something like that?

Oh... And in some Direct3D-Games I now have the issue, that some textures are red...
I can still see the "right" texture but it seems that it does have sort of a red "overlay"...