View Full Version : to upgrade or not to upgrade?

02-25-07, 09:00 AM
Im thinking of going to a core 2 due e6300 and selling my current rig in my sig.

then oc the e6300 with watercooling
i would like the 2 extra sata spots on hd, and intel matrix raid looks good, im just wonderig if I should wait till the next gen hits or even till amd puts their stuff out, before i upgrade. I can play 8 player supreme commander fine will encoding mp3s on the other cpu, so i think i shoudl be fine, i just think my amd 3800x2 is maxing out in other games I play

Idk do you think its worth the trouble, im leaning towards no but i f anyone can provide experiences or input that would be nice, thanks

note i would have to upgrade mobo cpu and ram :(

Xion X2
02-25-07, 01:32 PM
Go to anandtech and read reviews and benchmarks comparing Intel vs. AMD's latest and greatest and decide for yourself. That's what I did.


There are tons of benchmarks out there on the web.