View Full Version : Safe overclocks?

02-27-07, 05:29 AM
Are my overclocks safe? it runs fine and theres no artifacting in any games or 3dmark06, im using rivatuner 2.0 final to get my GTS to 600/1000.

The card sits idle at 53c and under load (ie playing BF2142 for about 2 hours@1920x1440 and all settings maxed) rises to about 65c..... ive noticed a nice rise to the score in 3dmark06 and better performance in games with these overclocks however i dont wanna damadge my pretty expencive card and overklock it so much it only lasts a year then dies because ive overclocked the hell out of it!.........

The cards stock speeds are 500MHz/1.6GHz

02-27-07, 10:09 AM
As long as there are no problems. It runs fine. Your good.

65c isn't too hot.

02-28-07, 06:37 PM
as long as you know that it doe'nt have any artifacts at that speed you should be fine as long as tempertures does'nt get to hot ,I would run a artifact tester ,The one in AtITool some times does not pick up on all of them.and sometimes it will shows artifacts and in benchmarks you can not see them ,just be carefull and don't cook your memory at them speeds.