View Full Version : People with 8800GTS in Germany

02-27-07, 06:00 AM
I know electricity is very expensive in Germany. Those of you in Germany with 8800GTS rigs, how much power does your computer consume and does it end costing quite a bit on your electricity bill?

The reason I ask is because I'm going to be living in Germany for the next year or two and I want to get an 8800GTS rig but I'm worried about the electricity bill.

02-27-07, 06:23 AM
I have a GTX and live in Germany but Iīm not really worried about a single PC component making me poor. The card consumes the most in 3D mode, and thats roughly 140w IIRC. Every microwave or even vacuum cleaner uses more power and the real killers are the oven in the kitchen and of course washing mashine or dish washers. So, if you are worried about the costs, simply donīt cook at home. ;)

02-27-07, 10:33 PM
lol yeah eating out.. thats a much cheaper option :rolleyes:

Seriously tho.. the video card isnt going to send you to the ppor house ;)