View Full Version : Driver for PNY 6200

02-28-07, 01:27 AM
I've had a running history of video problems with drivers for this card. For a while, it was BSODs, but these seem to have gone by the wayside. More recently, the problems have been primarily when playing various games. I do not play the modern games that require high powered cards, but even when playing MS's spider, the display will sometimes blinks on and off. Worse is the problem that has arisen with Kyodai Mahjongg, while it usually works fine, just a few minutes ago, it froze up, and after clicking the mouse a few times, it crashed to desktop with a dialog that the NV4_Disp has stopped functioning normally and to reboot. This got me to thinking about NV4_Disp, because it was frequently the cause of the BSODs that I used to have.

I checked the Nvidia website, and I'm using the latest driver for MCE (91.73), but I wondered if this video card is simply too old, so I went to the PNY website to see if they recommended a particular driver. They simply linked me back to Nvidia.

I know that I could experiment to see if a particular driver might work better, but with the size of the drivers, on a dialup connection, that would be annoying, unless I knew which to download.

Any suggestions???