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03-15-03, 12:02 AM
I'm thinking of doing something like this with my Geforce FX 5800 Ultra. Don't know when it will be available (the ZM80C1-HP ) but you could make it now with the current Zalman heatpipe I'm sure. The only thing I haven't found out about yet is weather the card will down clock itself to 2d speeds if you remove the FX Flow and/or if theres a way to get around that. Or if it only downclocks due to using 2d or temperature. Also If the Memory will get adequate cooling. I think it will. The Gainward FX may be set up different, because the fan doesn't stop in 2d. Also there is a statement in Gainward.com Geforce FX 5800 Ultra "features" page that it uses 256 bit DDR II (probably a misprint).
Zalman ZM80C1-HP (http://www.forumdeluxx.de/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=731&size=big&password=&sort=1&thecat=514 )
ZM80C1-HP (http://www.tomshardware.com/business/20030313/cebit2003_1-18.html)

Gainward supposedly planned production watercooled FX 5800 Ultra prototype: (if this is ever released I'm sure it will be 256mb)
Gainward FX 5800 Ultra Watercooled (http://www.nvchips-fr.com/News/news.php?id=200303127) :eek:

03-15-03, 12:09 AM
it should still downclock... which is a good thing. you dont need 1ghz memory in 2d:) as for cooling... once again, it is realeasing all the hot air back into your case... which cant be good. i put a thermometer on the back of the geforcefx bracket, where it pushes out all the hot air, the air read 107 when i finished 3dmark nearly all the way through... i dont want that back into my case... especially near my cpu. im glad my geforcefx has the flowfx... i think all ultras should have one... unless you want to overheat your system/cpu:D

03-15-03, 02:20 PM
But I have a 120mm exhaust directly above my video card. Well I'll see how loud the retail FX is before I decide what to do. Does anyone know if it only changes clock speed by 2d-3d, or if there is a temp sensor that can also downclock it and if you remove the fxflow will you still be able to run 500/1ghz in 3d apps. Also if someone would release a pre made water cooler for the FX that would make it ez and overclockable. Or I think if you took off the fxflow fan only, set a water cooler on the copper above the GPU, it should cool the memory also because all the copper is attached through the heatsink/heatpipe. Opinions on this? I should have a PNY FX Ultra Monday to check it out. And I want to get a Gainward FX ultra for my main pc in april when it's supposed to come out. It looks like all the main companies (pny, asus, msi, bfg,evga,abit etc.) have all removed the ultra from their web sites. Only gainward has big adds for it. I'm sure they will put out non ultras then put out NV35's within the next 6months is their plan. Also it seems the 43.00 only suffer major in 3dmark03. But in games their fine and add the temp driver page. Do they have a good IQ ?

03-15-03, 04:28 PM
From the pics of the GFFX Ultra the ram is coved by the big copper plate. Thats the only thing i can see going wrong with all the coolers. they dont cover the ram. Maybe zalman would make one that covers the ram too