View Full Version : XP2100+ Great Deal!!!

03-15-03, 01:58 AM
I just upgraded my XP1900+ and DragonOrb3 to a 2100+ TB and a Vantec Aeroflow.

Before with my 1900+ i had trouble hitting 145Mhz after bumping up the voltage a couple times and then having heat problems.

Now? im at a FSB of 170Mhz with my CPU voltage @ 1.7v, 2220Mhz with a Load temp of 35c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent touched the voltage of my Crucial memory yet but im thinking 180Mhz is going to be easy.

Paid 105$ for a cpu running XP2800+ speeds.

03-15-03, 11:09 AM
I'd be thinking of ordering one of those with an NForce 2 for a LAN box. Very promising... and I think you can find them for about 90 dollars now.

03-16-03, 12:27 AM
By adding .5v to make 1.75v for the cpu im now running 180Mhz FSB with no problems (CPU 2350Mhz!!, default multiplier, OC of 617Mhz). My CPU load temps are still under 40c. I did bump the memory voltage to 2.7v just to be safe.

With my TI4200 @ 290/553 i get 13563 3dmark2k1 points. Im pretty impressed.

03-16-03, 12:58 AM
holy crap dude......

I was impressed with mine getting load temps of 37C..... and look at my meager OC! When I get a new mobo, I'll see what I can really sqeeze out of this thing...

Congrats on the awesome OC tho. You officially own a CPU that runs faster than anything else on the retail market! The 3000+ runs at 200Mhz slower than yours, and it is close to the P4 3.06ghz.....

btw, you dont happen to know the batch code for the chip do you?

03-16-03, 05:02 AM
I've got a 1900+ and can only get up to about 145 fsb too. Where did you order you 2100+ and what stepping is it? Sounds like you got a good chip a great price (wouldn't mind doing the same).

03-16-03, 09:57 AM
Ya know i should of looked more closely at the cpu before installing it, i was kinda exicted to get it going.

A friend of mine with a Asus nForce2 bought the 2100+ and was able to do 166Mhz fsb Default voltage out of the box, so i went and did the same thing. Right now his cheap memory is holding him back to do more. My Crucial is suprisingly handling 180Mhz @ 6-2-2-2.5 very well.

I got mine at a local store in a retail package (came with stock hsf). At this point i think any 2100+ TB is a OC'ing champ.