View Full Version : Need Help Upgrading P4T533c

03-02-07, 08:35 AM
Perhaps someone could try to answer a few questions.

I have an Asus P4T533C MB with an Intel P4 2.26 and 512MB of PC1066 RDRAM
and the latest BIOS. I am considering upgrading to an Intel P4 3.06 and
adding another 512MB of RDRAM. Do you think that the upgrade is worth $400
or should I just get a new system? Are there any benefits to using a newer
model MB/Memory configuration? I have just purchased a new Geforce 6800
that is NOT PCI Express so that option is not an issue. Is it possible to
mix ECC and non-ECC memory modules? Is there anything I should know before
attempting to upgrade this MB? Also does anyone know of any reputable sites
that sell PC1066 as I'm having a difficult time finding one.

03-02-07, 08:44 AM

I'm in the same situation with 2 systems. Both P4T533-C systems. RDRAM is
pretty much dead. It's to bad, but true. Finally dual channel DDR400
systems have surpassed its bandwidth capabilites. I wouldn't spend that
money upgrading it. I think if it were me, I'd Ebay the system for as much
as I could get. Then build a new hot AMD64 system.

03-02-07, 08:10 PM
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