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L33t Masta
03-04-07, 05:29 AM
Well I've been wanting to get watercooling for a while now, and I'mwilling to spend $400 CDN on it. But the problem is I want it to be all internal. Now I'm not a master at watercooling but I know some people have it and I was wondering if you could give me any help. My System specs are in my signature.

Xion X2
03-04-07, 05:49 AM
When you say "all internal," how about something similar to what I've done?


Do you have room in your Aspire case to mount maybe a two-fan radiator on the top? Probably not enough room for a 3-fan rad like I have, but a good two-fan rad like a Thermochill PA102.2 or Swiftech MCR220 or Black Ice GT Stealth 240 would probably be sufficient unless you were cooling two G80's, and I see from your sig that you only have one.

Were you planning on cooling your GTX along with the CPU? What all things do you want to be in your loop?

03-04-07, 07:26 AM
Xion, where's your reservoir and pump in that setup ?

I'm going water in some days and I'm thinking about reservoir and pump placement.

It'll be a simple loop, CPU only using Swiftech's Apex Ultra kit.

L33t Masta
03-04-07, 07:35 AM
I have no room in the top of my case. hell, I had to take my fan out just to fit my new PSU in. I suppose the radiator and resovoir can be top mounted as long as the tubes can go down the fan hole. Also I want to cool my CPU and my video card. My case is 54.2C on the inside and my 8800GTX has to be a good 60C.