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Jimmy Jim
03-04-07, 12:16 PM
sorry about my english...

I installed the last vista drivers 101.41

I have evga 8800 gts
ViewSonic 19" VP930
Toshiba 43" TV(S-Video cable)

also in previus vista drivers I coudnt manage the tv out adjusment. I cant zoom out the tv screen! the desktop near too much!

I use normaly 1024@768 res 60HZ. no matter what I do...nothing!the problem are same in other res.

I have 2 OS on my PC(xp@vista)..in xp no matter what driver ver. or card,I always was able to set the tv out screen edges adjusment on way I wan to.now there is no option in CP.. :( its no good for me cause I cant play movies or games on my TV.help please..

how can I fix this problem?? I cant play movies or play games..its sucks! I dont want use xp anymore...any solution??
Matbe some reg value that I can put and get back the tv out adjusment?

03-04-07, 09:43 PM
I started having the issue running 101.41 but 100.65 does work. So move to that version. Yes there is no screen resize in the Vista drivers. :thumbdwn: Nvidia didn't get the "Vista is out" or "Vista is coming soon" memo I guess.

Jimmy Jim
03-05-07, 03:54 AM
Thanks for the reply..:)

in 100.65 I had this problem also,so I coudnt resize then,cause there in no option no matter what driver version..get me If I wrong.

also I notes that I can set the tv refresh rate to 30Hz max..in Xp it was 60Hz always.

the issue is very important cause I cant play movies or games normaly in tv,horrible situasion for me:thumbdwn: