View Full Version : After launching a game to play, computer pauses.

03-04-07, 10:53 PM

Once in a while after launching a game (e.g., Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Command & Conquer 3 demo, etc.), I sometimes get a long pause after a few minutes of playing. Today, I noticed the long pause again and saw the HDD light in intense. After about 15 seconds, I alt-tab back to Windows XP's desktop. I noticed the memory usage was high for the demo. It was almost 900 MB of swap/virtual memory total. I think that is why my computer pause because Windows had to dump memory out to swap file during games. I never see this problem with my OpenGL screen savers.

When I play, I use 1152x864/1280x1024 resolutions with everything cranked up to the maximium. Also, I do not see these pauses after the first long pause. No pauses after I exit the games either. I also tried the stable NVIDIA and the beta one for my EVGA GeForce 7950 GT KO (512 MB; PCIE).

My detailed primary computer/gaming box specifications can be found here: http://alpha.zimage.com/~ant/antfarm/about/computers.txt ... Any ideas what's up?

Thank you in advance. :)