View Full Version : private folder option gone?

03-05-07, 01:39 PM
I have vista ultimate. does anybody know if there's a "make my folder private" option? I have 2 accounts i want to setup with both admin privileges. My main concern is to hide my account from all the pron from my curious wife/kids. I was able to setup perrmission settings on the security tab on my main user folder that stores all my pics, videos, web sites, docs, etc so i only have access to the folder. but with admin privileges on her side she can easily change the security settings after she is warned if she clicks on my user folder. you can change the ownership of the folder by giving it to yourself as one of the groups. she is not computer savvy but you never know what somebody can easily stumble upon. I don't want standard user setting on our main side because everytime you make a system change/installing program, it prompts for admin password. very annoying. any suggestions.