View Full Version : Damn it! can this be fixed? HD problem?

08-18-02, 02:13 PM
We had a bad lightning storm and my system was shutdown because the power went off then on. This happend 3 times in the last two days. Well now anytime I restart my computer I've noticed it goes through the process of doing the scandisk as if were restarted manually. It does not do this when I shutdown and restart only when restarting. I'm like WTF now.

I reinstalled windows thinking it might be a corrupt file but still same thing. I been all over the net for 3 hours and can only come up with this issue on M$ site that says you can download the Windows IDE Hard Drive Cache Package in this article.


I don't know if I should try this. I can also Disable Scandisk after bad shutdown in msconfig. Any suggestions on this patch and my dilema? Maybe my HD is fooked and it took some damage from the storm. I do have a power surge but I know sometimes these can't protect 100% thx guys :confused:

The Baron
08-18-02, 02:26 PM
Way too worked up, dude.

Windows just got borked, not a big deal, just turn off Scandisk after bad shutdown.

It happens on almost every Windows box. :p

08-18-02, 02:28 PM
Have you tried another HD with Windows on it ?
I think your HD may had been damaged or the partition table messed up.

But why would it keep scanning ? Buggy I guess, I never had that problem

08-18-02, 05:21 PM
nah this is my only drive. I never had this problem before ever so it's kind of frustrating. I was told to clear the CMOS and reset the BIOS. I'm about to try that in 15 min and post back if it fixed it.

Way too worked up, dude. Windows just got borked, not a big deal, just turn off Scandisk after bad shutdown

I hear what your saying but i'm one of those people that are really anal about stuff that once worked fine and if there is way to correct it I want it fixed if possible, that's all. ;)

08-18-02, 05:27 PM
I'm just like that!
If there is no way to fix it, I just reinstall :>

The Baron
08-18-02, 06:03 PM
I never fixed it on any of my boxes except by disabling Scandisk... :p lemme know if you find one....

08-19-02, 07:20 AM
When you say you never fixed it on any of your boxes what do you mean? Did all of sudden it just start happening out of the blue? Just curious.

I did some testing on my HD and mem with Data Lifeguard from WD and Doc memory and all is well. I was told to take the battery out when you clear the CMOS and leave it out for at least 5 minutes. I think i'm grabbing at straws but i'll give it a shot. :)

08-19-02, 08:58 AM
One way that might fix it is actually removing your HD and connecting it to another Working computer as a Slave. The working computer windows will scan the HD on bootup and fix any errors that normally cant be fixed when its working off itself.