View Full Version : Viewsonic VP912b loosing sync?

03-06-07, 05:17 AM
My wife's computer has a eVGA 7900GTX connected to a Viewsonic VP912b. For the last couple of weeks, weird stuff has been happening on the moinintor.

1) OpenGL screensavers (pipes, etc) have been displaying corrupted images.

2) After an extended period of being on, the monitor appears to start loosing sync whenever she does anything with the mouse, and the desktop display generally becomes corrupted.

Rebooting the system seems to fix it for a while.

This sounds to be like a video card problem, but I was curious as to what you guys might think. I don't want to have to tell my wife her computer will be down for a week or more while we wait for a warranty replacement card unless I absolutely have to, which leads me to an additional question...

How is eVGA on their speed of replacement? Will they cross-ship?

03-06-07, 03:38 PM

No i don't think there's something wrong with your VGA really.

I've owned a VX724 and a VX924 , both on different DVI out hardware produced vsync loss and small bands of degraded picture quality.. It appears like blue streaks popping up and dissappears as fast..

If i exchanged the original DVI cable that came from Viewsonic it gets better but far from perfect..

I suggest that u try either another monitor a with DVI first before sending ur hardware back..

FYI 1st case was ATI Integrated gfx on a VX724 (blue streaks), 2nd case was Nvidia 8800GTX on VX924 (blue streaks and sporadic black screens)

Kind Regards Vyper

04-18-07, 09:42 AM
Well, this is happening with a lot more frequency, so I'm gonna RMA the card. I ordered a 7950GT as a replacement while I'm waiting for the RMA process to happen (newegg is kinda slow on RMA stuff sometimes, and I don't want to have to deal with my wife asking when the replacement card is gonna arrive).

05-16-07, 02:05 PM
I just got my RMA replacement for my dodgy 7900GTX. It seems that eVGA was out of direct replacements, so they sent me...

... a 7950GX2!

Thanks eVGA!