View Full Version : Hacking up a 24pin extension to make an eps12v 8 pin extension??

03-07-07, 06:10 PM
Old story ,Ive got a p180 and the 8pin eps12v cable from my psu doesnt reach the motherboard , can I hack up a 20/4 pin converter cable and use part of that .

03-07-07, 06:27 PM
Does the molex housing layout (of whatever piece you want to hack off) match? If so then yes :)

Even then, you don't technically need the housing on the cable side (you definitely need one on mobo side to prevent shorts). It is only there for ease of connection and retention.

03-07-07, 07:21 PM
I'll just wait till they start selling them in the uk , Im not paying 8 for a 6 inch cable.
They should sell individual single leads thereby bypassing the safety keying system so people can blow themselves up more.

edit: They do actually fit ,I was looking at pictures of 8 pin extensions that dont match up to my 8 pin motherboard socket, Must be some other kind.

When Im finished hacking up one of the 24/20 pin converters I'll have a spare 8pin extension for anyone in the uk who wants it, Ill bung it on ebay for the price of postage.