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03-07-07, 11:37 PM
Gas Powered Games, developers of Supreme Commander, were understandably upset about the review, as it was one of the first Supreme Commander reviews to appear, and may have swayed some fans from purchasing the game.

Apparently, although this has not been confirmed as of yet, the controversy only became worse when rumors of a bribe began to surface. Electronic Arts, in competition with Gas Powered Games (EA's own RTS, Command & Conquer 3, ships near the end of March), supposedly offered a large sum of money to Game Pro Australia in exchange for the low review score of Supreme Commander.

There are now more rumors that GamePro Australia is being shut down, although this also is not yet confirmed.


03-07-07, 11:44 PM
Wow thats just sad.

Its just too damn bad EA has the C&C license this time around... I'm buying a collectors edition and my brother is buying one too. I'm not going to miss out on a good game, but these guys are the shadiest gaming company ever.

I kind of hope this is just a rumor, but I also kind of hope that it isnt. Maybe someone with some authority will shove their boot up EA's ass for doing something like this since its most likely illegal.

03-07-07, 11:52 PM
Well the rumors about it being shutdown are true. It's gone!

EA does need an ass kicking, but it doesn't matter. No one reads Game Pro anyway (hence it shutting down). It's a crazy bribe too. No one in their right mind would say C&C is better than SupCom! That's CRAZY talk!


03-08-07, 12:41 AM
Well, the person who started the rumor admitted it was a lie. The Gamepro site is also very much online, still.


And since they called SupCom "the saddest moment in RTS history" then they're blatand idiots and not worth bothering with. I mean the game scores 80% plus across the board, and then a moron gives it 5/10. Sure...


Edit: And just for reference, the normal Gamepro review scores it a 4.5-4.75/5 and gives it the Editor's Choice award. Yep, Gamepro AU = IDIOTS!

03-08-07, 01:09 AM

The magazine has closed. The site may stay by the looks of it. Although it's last bit of news was from 21st of last month, bout the time it was announced it was closing...

03-08-07, 04:30 AM
I didnt really understand the review though... Most of it is about what TA was and what was expected from SC... Besides mentioning the ferry system, there is nothing about gameplay, graphics, sound, AI, the game, SC and the game again.

And then those wierd scores... How could this game get 2.5 for graphics? Plus my buddy has no problem hitting the SHIFT key and continuing playing at the same fps... Dunno, wierdest review ever.