View Full Version : Vista doesn't shut down --> possible reason: 101.41?

03-08-07, 05:09 PM

I had this problem twice

Tuesday and today

Is it possible the 101.41 beta driver causes this issue?


03-08-07, 05:54 PM
I found Vista takes a long time to shut down in general. Usually it only takes a minute or two (which is still very long). But last night it sat at the shutting down screen for almost 2 hours before turning off.

03-08-07, 06:37 PM
Yeah, give it a while if you didn't already. Every once in a while, it'll take forever to actually shutdown (for whatever reason). It has happened on both my systems.

03-08-07, 08:01 PM
did u get a bsod on shutdown? because i did yestaday.

Electronic Punk
03-09-07, 02:55 AM
Well add my name to the list.
I had been going after nforce drivers having forced 15.00 SATA drivers on yesterday with no positive results (that and the feedback on the drivers isn't good)

This shutdown bug has been driving me nuts especially when I reboot my machine remotely and it doesn't return.

Windows shuts down, hard drives park, monitor loses signal and then nothing happens!

Maybe 20% of the time the reboot will occur but obviously that isn't a good statistic when you aren't there to push the tit.

03-09-07, 04:04 AM
Well I see those blue circle turn around and after everything is shut down, it stops and normally my pc is shut down, but now it did hang at those blue circle, blue circle didn't move anymore

Electronic Punk
03-09-07, 04:48 AM
Well I get past that part it just doesn't actually reset when it is supposed to.
No idea how I can trace it either.

Ain't X-Fi drivers anyway as I have tried it with em on and off, old betas and new "finals"

03-09-07, 06:09 AM
I guess it's the beta driver or something, or maybe a bug in Vista, cause had to restart the machine today and also did a shut down, no problem, but I didn't start any heavy programs

03-09-07, 06:12 AM
doubt it's because of 101.41 though, unless you got bsod from the driver.