View Full Version : Gunner's Heaven and Sin and Punishment questions

03-09-07, 02:41 PM
Has anyone ever played Gunner's Heaven or Sin and Punishment? Does anyone recommend that I import them? They look like some excellent games to me.
I believe Gunner's Heaven was a Gunstar Heroes clone not made by Treasure like Sin and Punishment was.

Anyways, what do I have to do to play European or Japanese Imports on a U.S. Playstation 2? or PS one? I have European and Japanese Imports for other consoles, but not the PS1 or PS2.

Imports are easy to play on a U.S. N64, so I know what to do with Sin and Punishment, but I wanted some peoples' opinions on the game.

Like I've said before, the guys at SCEA got fired by SCEI b/c SCEA wouldn't allow most 2D games, ports, or sequels to 16 bit franchises (mostly.)
Anyways, results of this include, but are not limited to:
1. (not sure if it's true, but likely is) Capcom was going to develop exclusively for the Sega in the US had SCEA's managment not been changed
2. Earthworm Jim 2 came out in Europe for ths PS, but only in the US for the Saturn, as did Mortal Kombat 2.
3. and of course Gunner's Heaven never coming to the U.S.

Any help or opinions would be highly appreciated.