View Full Version : 8800 Jedi Academy slowdown

03-09-07, 09:11 PM

Whenever these invisible guys are on a single player map at any time, whenever facing in their direction the fps will dip down to a constant ~30. Other than this, the game is silky smooth at all times.

Quite annoying as there are many of these enemies through the game.

I've tried messing with Extension Limit etc to no avail. Any solution?

03-09-07, 10:04 PM
Damn it.

Try nhancer, if you haven't already.

Also, send a bug report to nvidia, if possible.

Hope this helps.

L33t Masta
03-10-07, 02:04 AM
All I get is a stutter when trying to play. A constant stutter.

03-10-07, 05:16 PM
Driver bug i say .. these old games are not that optimized for new hardware.

03-10-07, 05:42 PM
Arg nhancer doesnt work with 100.87 :(

03-10-07, 07:51 PM
I recommend going to 96.89 actually, or just changing drivers depending on the games you want to play. 96.89 and 97.92 are the only drivers that are all that great for XP w/ the 8800GTX;

You may have superior compatibility w/ Vista, and you can use nhancer and send bug reports. The current Vista driver is pretty solid.

Also, you can always have the best of both worlds w/ Dual booting.

03-10-07, 08:17 PM
Yeah I'd install Vista again.. but no DV on 8800 is kinda holding me off. I really need that feature damnit :( :o .

Plleeease include it in the next Vista driver nvidia.

03-12-07, 01:39 PM
I had this problem until I set the multi monitor performance mode to "single monitor performance". Or whatever it is called. Happens with a few OpenGL games (that's what this setting affects).

Might also have to set the threading optimization to Off too.