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03-10-07, 02:17 PM
I've got a question, i'm about 65% sure, but not 100% sure so I want some other people's opinions.

My pc (now deceased) w/ an Enermax psu in mid 2003


a PC power & cooling 1kw-sr.

Question is, is it better to use a 1kw-sr w/o an avr ups, but w/ an expensive surge protector or is it more stable to use the PSU first described w/ an avr UPS? (considering from the 1st time you use either psu)

I was thinking with an expensive surge protector, that the PC power & cooling wouldn't be any different with an AVR UPS, b/c it's voltage range already begins at 90VAC and it has a true .98 PFC and lower ripple, and my enermax didn't even have a PFC and sure as hell wasn't as high quality as a pc power & cooling, not as heavy, not as good of cooling.

However, I'm not 100% sure.

So, I need some answers from people better with hw than myself.

'Twould be highly appreciated.

*****EDIT: I also ordered the special cable from PC Power & cooling, and will be using it from the 1st time I turn it on.*****

03-10-07, 03:26 PM
I know this is a stupid question and all, but I really need some answers=)

03-10-07, 04:03 PM
ups lets you use your computer in case of a power brownout. there's really no difference between a really expensive surge protector and a cheap surge protector, as long as it's UL listed; maybe slightly more money back guarantee in case it blows up?

the turbo cool 1kw-sr is arguably one of the best psu's I've ever used. but if you don't need the power, there's no reason to be paying US$400-500 for one.
you can get a psu w/ active pfc for under $100 that's decent quality too.

03-10-07, 07:45 PM
Thanks, but I thought that the PC P&C would handle brownouts better than any other PSU.

I know the UPS can handle blackouts.

Is a brown out something less than 120V coming in? that is, anything below the normal/best voltage?

Wouldn't 90VAC being the least voltage plus all of the other qualities the 1kw-sr has be as safe from brownouts as a 12.5% voltage boost from a UPS?

03-11-07, 04:04 AM
I said brownout when I meant blackout. yes the pc p&c will handle brownouts, but honestly any psu with active pfc will as well.